About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting our website, which has information regarding the products and services offered by your local post office. 

We have given careful consideration to your responses to our public consultation in March 2018. We have also consulted with the private sector through the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. We are therefore in the process of enhancing our product offering and customer service.  We hope that you will continue to support the BPO as we continue to use our best efforts to strengthen our relationship with the community we serve. 

Please share with us any feedback on what we are doing well, areas for improvement and any carefully considered ideas that make good business sense and can help us to better serve you.

What do they do?

“Together we connect people and businesses by providing efficient, courteous and affordable products and services”. 
Our Values are:

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Service Excellence
  • Competence

The Bermuda Post Office consists of two divisions:  Corporate Services and Operations

The Corporate Services Division consists of the following:

  • Administration 
  • Facilities 
  • Finance and Accounts 
  • Human Resources 
  • Information Technology 
  • Philatelic 
  • Sub Post Office and Retail Counter Services


The Operations Division consists of the following:

  • Mail Processing 
  • Delivery & Services 
  • Quality Assurance