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Track & Trace

  • Package Inquiry

  • Collecting a Package

  • Can I track or trace any item


  • Receiving a Package

  • Sending a Package

  • Register an online account

  • Home Delivery Compliance

  • Get a PO Box

  • Can I pay for a Post Box at another Sub Office location?

Online Account

  • How to register for Bermuda Post Office online account

  • Why can’t I use my PO Box address to register for an online account?

  • I have an online account. Can I add other subscription or service?

  • How many online accounts can I have?

  • I live abroad, can I create a Bermuda Post Office online account?

  • Why do I have to visit a sub-office to register for an online account?

  • What information is needed for the online account form?

Receiving Mail

  • Missed a delivery

  • I’m going on vacation

  • How much is the Duty on Parcels?

Sending Mail

  • Returning an item

  • Sending Mail


  • Where can I find or confirm my correct address?

  • When do I have to be in compliance with the new changes to the law?

Rate Calculator

  • My neighbour’s dogs are never tied up. How will this affect my delivery?

  • What is the purpose of mail having to go to the Mail Processing Centre in St. George’s?

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Can't find what you're looking for?