Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Service (BRS) is used by businesses, charities and market research firms who wish to obtain a reply from a client without requiring the client to pay the postage. Using a pre-printed label, card or envelope, a client can mail a cheque, order form, application, coupon, survey, a vote by proxy or return merchandise label without applying postage. The postage cost will be levied to you the receiver at the time of delivery.

The Business Reply Service can be used either locally or internationally. Simplify how respondents and clients can reply to your important communication by supplying them with a label, card or envelope pre-addressed back to you. You are only charged postage for the responses received back to you.


Service Features

For Local and International mailers.

Convenient response service to facilitate your client’s replies without their need to pay postage.

Flexible no minimum quantity is required.



The fee for a new license is $350.00 for the first 12 months of the service. The renewal fee is $ 275.00 annually if renewing before the license expires.

Normal postage costs local or international apply depending on the weight of the reply. Postage charges will be invoiced and settled on a monthly bases on the actual number of BRS items you receive back. A detailed manifest showing the number of pieces received daily will be supplied with the monthly postage demand notice.


How to Use the Service

Before using the Business Reply Service you must submit an application form to register for the service. Please read the Terms and Conditions before completing the application form. Your license once approved and the license fee paid, you will receive a license number and approval to add the license number to your BRS specimen (artwork). Do not print any BRS stock before the license is approved and a license number issued.