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How to Get, Renew, or Manage a PO Box

Whether it’s for personal or business use, the Bermuda Post Office offers PO Boxes in a range of sizes to hold your mail safely at a Sub Post Office location near you. There is 24/7 access at all locations.  Rental periods are flexible at 6, 12 or 24 months. Mail item that is too large to fit in your box, we will hold it for you to collect.

If you don’t want to share your home or business address for any reason or if you’re looking to maintain your privacy, a PO Box may be exactly what you need, particularly if you:

  • buy and sell goods online
  • want a professional address
  • live in shared accommodation
  • need a permanent address

To get a PO Box please visit any of our convenient Sub Post Office locations to rent a PO Box. You will be asked to complete the PO Box Application Form. Please bring photo identification, your current physical address and your contact information.  Once you have paid for the PO Box you will be given the two PO Box keys at the sub-office location where the PO Box resides. 


PO Box Sizes and Price

We can offer customers flexible rental periods (6, 12 & 24 months) at any time during the year, inclusive of a $25.00 application fee to cover the costs to change lock and replacement keys upon closure of the post box.

SMALL: 6 months $50.00; 12 months $85.00; 24 months $150.00;

MEDIUM: 6 months $75.00; 12 months $120.00; 24 months $220.00;

LARGE: 6 months $175.00; 12 months $300.00; 24 months $575.00.

  • Two keys shall be supplied at the start of the post office box rental.
  • The charge for additional or replacement keys shall is $3.00 per key.
  • Replacement locks are $25.00, with 2 keys if required during the rental period.


Renewing a PO Box

Prior to your rental period expiry date, you will receive Notices and e-mails informing you of the expiry date and the need to renew your PO Box if you wish to keep it.

One month after the expiry date a $25.00 late fee will be applied to your account for renewal. If your PO Box is still not renewed 45 days after the expiry date we will presume that you no longer wish to keep your PO Box and we will close it, unless we hear from you directly.

You can close your PO Box at any time and apply for a Mail Redirection Service for three months to transfer any mail received at your old PO Box address to your new address.  There are no refunds available once the rental period starts.

Link your PO Box to your online BPO account to manage and pay the annual renewal via a credit card.  


Managing a PO Box

When you set up your PO Box or at any time during the rental period you can add individuals as shared parties who will be receiving mail at the PO Box address.  Shared parties cannot manage a PO Box, order keys, change locks, add additional shares or close the PO Box.  If you would like to designate certain individuals to have control over the PO Box, please identify those individuals to us as a primary PO Box holder.

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