Prepaid Postage Indicia

Whether you are a large volume mailer or a marketing mailer the Bermuda Post Office’s Prepaid Postage Indicia (PPPI) is the right choice to save on additional postage cost either from: sticking stamps or paying additional canceling fees to postmark your mail.

The Post Office Act 1900 section 14 prescribes all mail in Bermuda must be prepaid and a stamp be affixed.  The Prepaid Postage Indicia is the cheapest alternative to help you meet the requirement of affixing a postage mark.  The Prepaid Postage Indicia is an annually renewable license in which you will receive artwork for a postmark that can be preprinted on business envelopes in large mailings and or on marketing flyers when advertising.

What is a Prepaid Postage Indicia?

The Prepaid Postage Indicia (PPPI) is an official Bermuda Post Office postmark that is preprinted on business envelopes and flyers.  When mail is received with a PPPI it means postage for the mailing was paid by the customer using a manifest to detail the contents of the mailing.  The manifest list the date of lodgment, number of pieces at the different weight categories with the correct postage cost local and international.

Who Needs a Prepaid Postage Indicia?

Prepaid Postage Indicia are available to business users only.  If you are sending Ad Mail/Marketing Mail you will need a Prepaid Postage Indicia to denote postage prepaid.  If you are a Bulk Mailer/Large Volume Mailer sending a one-off mailing or frequent monthly statements and bill mailings, the Prepaid Postage Indicia will save you additional postage and processing cost.

To Get Started

Please download the Application for a Postage Paid Permit here, complete it and save it before e-mailing it to with a copy of your photo identification.  A Customer Service Representative will contact you to ensure your account is set up for your exact needs. 

Payment for the initial application set-up fee is $275.00 for the first annum and can be made using a credit card via the online payment portal or at our counters. You will receive an e-mail notification once your license has been approved at which time you can settle the initial license fee.

Once the license fee has been processed you will receive your custom PPPI artwork.  It normally takes two working days from submitting the license to receiving the artwork.  Please do not print any flyers or envelopes until you receive your PPPI artwork from the Bermuda Post Office.

An annual renewable fee of $250.00 is needed if you would like to maintain the license in subsequent years. Once a license expires or is canceled a new application must be made and a new PPPI Indicia number is given.

Terms and Conditions Apply

To make the Prepaid Postage Indicia functional and economically feasible to meet different business mailer needs, there are certain conditions you should take into consideration when making the choice of a Prepaid Postage Indicia. If further information is need please do not hesitate to contact us at or (441) 297-7893 Select option 3 for Customer Service.

  1. Mailings whether one-off flyers or monthly statements/bills should be greater than 2,500 pieces per annum to make the license fee cost-effective. If mailings are less consider alternatives such as stamps, a franking machine or the additional cancellation fee by the Post Office to postmark your mailings.
  2. Prepaid Postage Indicia mailings require a manifest detailing: the date of posting, number of pieces at the different weight categories with the correct postage cost local and international. A manifest must be supplied with all Prepaid Postage indicia mail lodgments. See a manifest example here.
  3. All postage costs must be prepaid before mail is lodged at the Bermuda Mail Processing Center (BMPC) at New Venture Building, 2nd Floor, 2 Mill Reach Road, Pembroke. Mail lodgment must have proof of payment either by BPO receipt from any sub-office counter or by providing a confirmation copy of the wire transfer payment.
  4. All items lodged at the Post Office must be delivered and sorted in a manner approved by the Post Office. Direct Marketing Flyer Mailings (addressed flyers) and business mailings with names and addresses must be postal code sorted and bundled/containerized by postal code and or sub-office depending on quantity. If further information is needed please contact us.
  5. The indicia is only valid for Bulk Mailings of: Flyer Class, Marketing Material or Post Office qualified Business Mailers. The indicia is not to be used with ordinary daily office mail.
  6. Licenses that are not renewed by the annual subscription date will be automatically canceled. All preprinted envelopes or flyers with the expired or canceled PPPI license number must be destroyed at the customer’s expense. Any mail posted after the license expires or is canceled will be refused and returned to the sender.
  7. Failure to meet the conditions of Postage Paid Permit could result in the license being canceled or mailing being refused.