Bulk or Large Volume Mailers

The Bermuda Post Office has developed considerable knowledge and expertise to assist bulk or large volume mailers with your customer communications.  Whether you are sending monthly statements/bills, mass marketing material or engaged in e-commerce trade; our reputation, commitment and reliability will help you deliver your important mail quickly and securely, locally and internationally.

There are several products and or process advantages listed below that mailers can employ to ensure operational and cost efficiencies in sending mail or packages.  Please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can understand what you would like to do or are currently doing so we can recommend solutions to fit your needs. Contact us at postoffice@gov.bm or (441) 297-7893 Select option 3 for Customer Service.

Bermuda Post Office Fulfilment Option:

Is for those mailers who want to outsource the processing of their mail to the Bermuda Post Office. We will pick up the mail directly from you, weigh it, stamp it for postage, manifest the lodgment for quantities and price, deliver your mail and bill you for the postage and services used. Contact us at postoffice@gov.bm or (441) 297-7893 Select option 3 for Customer Service for more information and pricing.

Outsourcing Your Mail to a 3rd Party or Courier Service

The Bermuda Post Office does not encourage its customers to use any one specific mail service provider whether it is a: courier company, print vendor or 3rd party service provider who is processing mail or providing mailbox suite services.  We encourage companies within our industry to use fair and ethical practices and we support and work directly with our trusted partners. 

Businesses who are considering outsourcing any part of their mail processes from collection to delivery should be advised that service providers who handle letter mail in Bermuda require a valid Mail Handlers License (Post Office Act 1900, section 6A) to engage in services with your mail.

Protect your mail! Ask your service provider for proof that they are a trusted industry partner with a valid Mail Handler’s License.  This will ensure your mail does not have any surprise service interruption by the Bermuda Post Office.

Payment for Postage Options:

There are many payment options for bulk or large volume mailers when paying postage.  Some options require a manifest or specific sort and lodgment requirements, while other options that directly denote postage have fewer requirements.

Stamps or Franked Mail

Have very few requirements as the postage paid is denoted on the mail piece.  Using a frank machine to apply postage to your mail avoids the time-consuming process of manually purchasing, securing and applying stamps to large volumes of mail. Deposit your mail at a post office or call us to collect your mail. Please ensure Franked mail is lodged on the date it is franked to avoid delays. For more information click here.

Mailing 2,000 pieces or less?
Deposit at any of our sub-office counters.

Mailing over 2,000 pieces?
Pieces must be lodged at our Processing Center.

You should not place business (especially franked mail) in street pillar boxes!

Prepaid Postage Indicia

The Prepaid Postage Indicia (PPPI) is an official Bermuda Post Office postmark that is preprinted on business envelopes and flyers. The Prepaid Postage Indicia will save you additional postage and processing costs when sending one-off or frequent monthly statements/bill mailings. If you are using a Prepaid Postage Indicia (PPPI) to denote postage prepaid then payment can be made at our counters using a cheque (payable: Accountant General), cash, credit/debit card or wire transfer. If paying by wire transfer you will have to quote your job in the wire payment notes and provide confirmation of payment when lodging your mail. For more information click here.

Mailing 2,000 pieces or less?
Lodge mail with manifest and pay for postage and fees at any of our sub-office counters.

Mailing over 2,000 pieces?
Payment can be made at our counter with a manifest or wire transfer. Mailing must be lodged at our Processing Center with confirmation of payment and manifest.

All Prepaid Postage Indicia mail must be postal code sort and containerized according to the agreed specifications.

Post Office Cancelling Your Mail

The Bermuda Post Office can cancel your mail to denote postage paid. There is an additional $0.05 per piece processing cost.  If this is an option for your mail, no postal code sorting is needed.

Mailing 2,000 pieces or less?
Lodge your mail and make payment at our counters. It is highly recommended that you separate your mail by local and international zones at the different weight breaks and have the number of pieces in each category ready to ensure quick processing and payment at the counter. 

Mailing over 2,000 pieces?
A manifest is required. Payment for postage and cancellation fees can be done at our counter or by wire transfer and lodged directly at our Processing Center. Please provide manifest and proof of payment when lodging your mail at our Processing Center to avoid delays in processing for delivery.

Manifesting Your Lodgments

Bulk mailers with regular mail or one-off marketing lodgments who are not using stamps or a franking machine to denote postage must provide a manifest detailing: the date of posting, number of pieces at the different weight categories and the correct postage cost local and international.  The manifest will help you establish the postage cost of your lodgment for prepayment of postage either at our counters or via wire transfer.  A Customer Service Representative can assist you with your first manifested lodgment to ensure there are no delays in processing your mail. Contact us at postoffice@gov.bm or (441) 297-7893 Select option 3 for Customer Service for the correct manifest to use with your mail. 

Postal Code Sorting Your Mail:

Gain the advantage of having your large volume of mail processed faster for delivery.  The quicker your customers receive their communications, the quicker they will respond. 

Companies who postal code sort their mail receive a better delivery standard than unsorted mail.  The Post Office sorts all mail by hand for the postal delivery district which represented by the postal code.  The first two alpha letters (FL, GE, WK etc.) tell us which delivery office and the last two numbers/alpha tells us which delivery postal district. Postal code sorted mail bypasses our processing facility’s sort process and goes directly to the delivery district the same day or the next working day.

Correctly Addressing Your Mail:

The postal code is one of the most important elements of a Bermuda postal address. The postal code helps us get the mail to the correct delivery office and delivery route the first time.  Once the mail is sent to the delivery route the Delivery Post Person will look for the street name, building number and unit if applicable.  Having all elements correct for an address will ensure timely delivery. 

If elements of the address are missing or incorrect where the Delivery Post Person cannot distinguish for correct and proper delivery, they will return the mail to the sender for correction. This is to ensure your important communications are not incorrectly delivered or placed in the wrong hands.

 The Bermuda Post Office delivers by address and the occupant’s name is not a guarantee the Delivery Post Person would recognize the individual if elements of an address are incorrect or missing.  Please use www.landvaluation.bm to valid your correspondence’s correct and complete address.

Business Reply Mail

The Bermuda Post Office offers a service called Business Reply Mail (BRM) to ensure convenience in communication with your customers. The service is used when a business would like to supply their customers with a return envelope or label where the customer does not have to pay for postage. It is generally used for: RSVPs for events, payment by cheque for goods or services, placing orders, shareholder’s voting, survey responses and return of e-commerce goods. The business pays the postage only for those pieces returned. Click here to learn more.

Ad Mail/Marketing Mail

Get the most out of your advertising $$$ by taking advantage of the Bermuda Post Office reduced marketing rates, designed to help you reach 36,000 households, businesses and PO Boxes five days a week for as little as 0.15 cents per flyer mail!

Advertising mail is known to have a deeper impact on customers as tangible, remains longer and is shared with others in the household: unlike social media posts, website banners or e-mail notifications which get a glance before the customer moves on.  Advertising mail done properly increases sales and awareness of your offerings. Click here to learn more.